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Jeff Rasley


Schedule a pit-stop nature immersion,

homestead style experience on your remote worker adventure.


Congratulations on your remote work lifestyle where you are no longer chained to a commute or office buildings.


Have you ever yearned to have a garden or interact with animals, but you can't because you've decided to go on the road?

Our residency program for artists, writers, designers, crafters or other creative discipline - now includes a remote worker pitstop for those who have a unique outlook on life to contribute to the homestead experience and the organic community of random strangers at any given time.


If you believe in human rights, climate change and environmental rights, equal rights, privacy rights, marriage rights, civil rights, voting rights, food justice, social justice, body autonomy, or civic engagement, you'll find this to be a welcoming and supportive environment founded by a former tenured college professor who walked away to establish this place and enjoys intellectual conversations at such a dramatic and uncertain time in our world.

The camp retreat offers a unique opportunity to work remotely using our rural broadband and experience a quiet escape in a gorgeous part of rural Tennessee. You'll be able to participate in activities on the land or around the space that help you with your creative work-flow. The founder of the camp walked away from a career as a tenured graphic design professor for various reasons including a toxic traumatic workplace and the inflated price of education compared to the stagnant wages to create this nature immersion creativity retreat center.


It's fantastic to meet travelers on your unique journey!

If you think it would be cool to live in a 'cat cafe' or on a donkey farm, then this is up your alley. Options include two week or one-month stays.

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campwonderwander organicfreerangeeggs.jpg
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Nature Benefits



"Why you should tell your team to take a break and go outside"
- Harvard Business Review

by Emma Seppälä and Johann Berli, June 26, 2017


"Greenery isn’t just an air-freshener that’s pleasant to look at, it can actually significantly boost employee well-being, reduce stress, enhance innovative potential, and boost a sense of connection. Yet most of us don’t spend much time in nature. Richard Louv, author of the Nature Principal, argues that we’re collectively suffering from “nature-deficit disorder,” which hurts us mentally, physically, and even spiritually. Adding a little wilderness to your corporate offices may just be the smartest move you can do this year."



"Exposure to nature may therefore foster boost superior decision-making which includes better foresight. Exposure to natural environments also strengthens attention and may even help strengthen memory."


"Finally, we know that the #1 trait leaders look for in incoming employees is creativity, and exposure to natural environments dramatically improves our ability to think expansively and make superior decisions."

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based on availability : 2-weeks or 1-month (less than a month includes hospitality and sales tax)

This remote work pit-stop opportunity requires a commitment to participating in the homestead experience for approximately 4 hours a week which includes a guided project that Val will lead. This could range from sweeping or raking, picking up sticks for kindling, collecting firewood around the property, grooming donkeys with brushes, gardening/weeding, and other physical type things that come up in this environment.

This is for single remote workers only. No Guests Allowed. If you are traveling as a couple in your own camper, this will be considered.


Furnished lodging in a creative workspace with broadband. The camphaus is located at the back of a 5acre property amid many trees with a bunch of chickens that free range and a peacock couple. Val has a workspace and studio and is interested in meeting people from all walks of life. Fee includes all utilities, access to all facets of the land and availability to interact with the animals, broadband, and regular cleaning of the community spaces (before, during, and after your stay), and a group meal once a week prepared by Val. Staying a month and laundry for linens will be managed as well. Your private room will be cleaned by a housekeeper at least once during your stay. Val is even willing and interested in washing the dishes.

Queen Ensuite - features Queen bed and twin bunk with large bathroom inc standard size walk in shower. You'll have a big closet, all the linens, a small refrigerator.

2 weeks = $900 which includes local and state taxes

1 month = $1500

Queen with daybed couch / shared bath - this is a lovely room and also has a decent closet, a small desk, and a small fridge.

2 weeks = $800

1 month = $1300

Payment Process - After the interview, you'll have a week to review contract and pay 50% of the fee to reserve your space (non-refundable for any reason). The balance is due no later than 30 days prior to arrival and if cancelling your stay after the 30 days, the fee is non-refundable but we can schedule another date. It is recommended to obtain travel insurance to cover unexpected situations.


- You are allergic at all to cats

- You are not willing to participate in the homestead experience requirements

- You are not willing to remove your shoes in the house

- You are a smoker or vaper; heavy alcohol and drug use is prohibited

- You don't like animals

- You like to get into controversial debates with others for fun

- You think the earth is flat or other conspiracy theories

- You tend to work more than 40 hours a week, would be gone most of the free time, or other  issues that would  take you away from the experience

By submitting my application I acknowledge:

  • I understand that the camp is located in a rural landscape that may have insects including spiders or other unfamiliar or uncomfortable type of environmental issues often dramatic weather, and that cell phones don't have good service during parts of the day or spots around the camp.

  • I understand that I will have access to the rural broadband, but that I should embrace the opportunity to disconnect from tech when not working so I can explore and enjoy the nature immersion.

  • I understand that I may not have any guests at all during my term and that this is a solo opportunity.

  • I understand that I should not work more than 40 hours remotely and should engage in the natural immersion or other opportunities available, not just as a place to live and to hide in a room or be gone all the time for exploring.

  • I understand that this is a secular place and proselytizing is not allowed.

  • I understand the no smoking, no vaping policies as well as the drug and alcohol policy.

  • I understand that there is a commitment to the general care and maintenance of the communal space and my own room on a daily/weekly basis.

  • My understanding that this remote worker pit-stop program is not a school or workshop and therefore there are no formal instructional offerings included in my program fee unless I negotiate GD instruction, mentorship coaching, or assistance with my work in my contract.

  • I understand that I should communicate my interest in outings, activities, or intentional gatherings during my remote experience prior to my arrival.

  • I understand that the organic element of this remote pit-stop program alongside a residency program is the aspect of interactions. I understand that my role needs to be proactive in the community in terms of seeking out interactions with others or inviting them to see/interact with my work.

  • I understand that there is no guarantee as to the number of participants on site during my schedule and that there can be an ebb and flow of participants during my schedule.

  • I understand that my time is my own, my schedule is determined by me, and that any group activity is optional, is organic in its organization, and that sometimes I may be the leader of this activity at my own interest. I understand that there will likely be an option to gather socially on a weekly basis, if possible, such as movie night, stargazing, campfires, etc.

  • I understand that if I offer my expertise to other participants that there is no remuneration for my time.

  • Additional policies may be included in the contract and not listed here.

  • Although we are rural, we prefer that people are vaccinated and have courtesy for public health. Please note if not.


Remote Work Pitstop
at Camp Wonder Wander
Preferred Residency Term
Room Type Preferences
Calendar choices:
I can provide proof of income & employment
I'm allergic to cats
The most appealing aspect of this remote pit-stop, may choose more than 1
I'm interested in the following add-ons:

Your application will be reviewed soon.

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