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The funny thing about working in a University environment is that every year everyone I work with is the same age. It plays tricks on the mind and I continue on in life as if time has not passed. Until the summer of 2015, when it dawned on me that I started teaching, albeit a visiting instructor position prior to graduate school, almost 20 years ago. I also have been reminiscing fondly of my youth at summer camp as well as my time as not only as a camp counselor in my teenage years, but as a Girl Scout leader after undergrad for five years bringing the joy of camping and learning, exploring, discovering to young people. Camp Wonder Wander is the manifestation of a life long adventure connecting with people one-on-one and the desire to make meaningful impact as lives are changed.


Over the span of my career, I have been immersed in my AIGA activities including education chair for AIGA Jacksonville, Charter President for both AIGA Orlando ('00) and AIGA Nashville ('01), and various positions for AIGA Rhode Island. I've also spent the last 15 years learning to be a better educator and have moved from professor to coach based on all of that research, investigation, and tweaking of courses/assignments. I'm grateful for all of the valuable experience & inspiration and friendships forged at the numerous opportunities in AIGA from leadership retreats to national conferences.


Which brings me to the here and now – a deep yearning to get back to those roots if only the simpler life during those summer camp experiences and to connect on deep level with other creative passionate people in an immersive camplike opportunity. I look around me and see people staring at screens instead of engaging with others or simply the world around them. It manifested into an a-ha moment to bring all of my talents, experiences, and skills into a new modality. I have a yearning desire to bring my experience in the classroom to adults at various stages in one's career, as we creative people yearn for that experience of lifetime learning, active engagement, and communion with other creatives. It has been said lately too that the key to life longevity is learning new skills. For example, a cook who learns a new recipe isn't achieving that goal, but rather should try new things like photography, hand crafts, etc.


I invite you to join me on any of these adventures. I look forward to meeting new people and forging new friendships as we create and adventure together. My workshops may expand in content, in time, in place (like a study abroad opportunity). I'm also available to come to you, to develop a workshop session in your area whether it be for your friends, your colleagues, your students, or your AIGA chapter. Let's talk!






Susan Sontag

Design Coach, Consultant, Mentor - available on individual basis in career development. Let's Skype!
- Collage
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