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Coordinate a meal plan for your retreat that incorporates farm to table philosophy from our garden or nearby producers or what we can source as organic, fair trade, non GMO, etc. Healthy nutrition helps the brain and body and is a vital component to the sense of wonder and act of wander.

Most retreats will include at least one opportunity for your team to participate in the harvest and/or prep for a group meal.

Special diets will be adhered to and assistance for the group in learning more about dietary plans such as gluten-free or vegetarian is an option for cooking classes.

* information is based on experience and resources available to the public, this is not a certified nutrition or dietician strategy.

Driving Uphill


Camp Wonder Wander is rural for a reason. We are located on a well maintained state highway halfway between the towns of Waynesboro and Hohenwald. The closest commercial airport is Nashville International.

Transportation services upon request include airport pick-up and drop-off for up to 6 in our camp van which would include a driving tour of Nashville upon arrival and a beautiful scenic route down the historic Natchez Trace Parkway with at least one stop at a scenic overlook or waterfall (weather permitting). As you slowly leave the urban zone into the rolling hills of the horse farm region of mid-south Tennessee you will see much of nature splendor before arriving at the retreat center.

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personal attention

Hospitality is very important and you will receive personal attention for your planning and while you are at the retreat center. The exclusivity of the place will reinforce this personal attention as your group will be the only occupants. You are encouraged to sit and daydream, go for walks and use the space for any team-building or meeting time you may have on your agenda.

If you want to collaborate on the agenda, let's discuss your goals, time span, budget, logistics, etc. and coordinate the ideal itinerary for your group.
Val, the founder and director, is adept at organizing these retreats as well as uses her previous career as a professor turned coach as a philosophy in engagement.

Tree Trunk


The location of the retreat center is intentionally rural so that participants can engage in a digital detox and reconnection with the inner spirit. The state itself offers a variety of habitats and geology while this area is one of the best areas without light pollution. Considered to be in the Western Highland Rim, the terrain is rolling hills mised of farms and forest. Even in winter there's still some green with the evergreens and bamboo forest.

Recognizing the features and benefits of each season would be a consideration planning your group retreat. From the coziness that comes in the winter months and the trees in dormancy or the donkeys in fluffy fur coats to the long days of summer with fireflies and birds all about. You may just want to schedule in hammock and binocular time for gazing as your team becomes wonder wanderers!

choose a wonder wanderful itinerary
or customize one exclusively for your group

Incorporate play, randomness & exploration into your regimen.

Strategies for teams at any level of non-profit to corporate or educators.

Discover design thinking methodologies that can be used internally or externally from core exercises to human-centered design.

Work on the creative muscle to give the brain a different perspective when stuck in a rut.

Professional development in graphic design and creativity without going to graduate school, Brought to you by a 20+ yr tenured professor turned coach and other creative collaborators.
Most importantly become a wonder wanderer in life as a philosophy for work/life balance.

Discovery thru practice, play and experiential learning.


Taste Workshop Header









Unleash your inner creative monster!

Learn how to embrace happy accidents as a creative tool.

Break through the creative monster blocks with lateral thinking.

Take a walk on the wild side to boost the brain flow.

Experimental prototyping: sketch, tinker, draft, play.




Escape the urban life to discover the value in slowing down.

Glimpse the farm side of farm to table walking amongst the organic free range hens and in the garden.

Discover the value in being outside, off grid and relishing in slowing down to immerse in nature.

Practice camping skills before you strike out on your own.

Adult camp creativity with drawing, concept development, and image-making in a no tech zone.

Bring the camping menu into the urban kitchen survival for busy people.

Integrate hiking snack philosophy into daily routine for energy morning to night.

Escape the urban life to discover the value in slowing down.

Glimpse the farm side of farm to table walking amongst the organic free range hens and into the garden.

Discover and discuss cooking for one, eating healthy, adulting tips and tricks of household tasks as meditative and creative thinking tools.

Instill a sense of wonder in daily life.

Evaluate basic design elements thru discovery of the natural world and observations of printed material.

Embrace happy accidents with hand crafted version of cut & paste.

Learn to slow down and examine with curiosity.

Examine graphic design elements by a critique of experimental work that reinforces there is no right answer.

Become a stronger advocate for your ideation and concepts by learning to explain and defend visual solutions.

Wandering is a creative innovation technique.
Become a wanderer.

Combat the blank page artist block with simple strategies.

Being in nature is a healthy creative booster.

Let the mind wander to daydreams and memories as
instigation for visual and written solutions.

Learn basic typography and type history.

Create hand crafted work with hand lettering and experiment with object as typographic form.

Develop sense of discovery, risk-taking, and intuition.

Discover the history of objects; embrace reuse and recycle.

Challenge creative thinking in making connections between disparate themes, forms, and cultural ephemera.

Flex the brainstorm muscle resisting perfectionism.

Develop a bluesky prototype to investigate happy accidents and challenge conventions.

Utilize research and lateral thinking to enhance innovation mechanics.

A deep dive into the art of the book.

Challenge narrative structure and the traditions of object
form and function thru hand craft and experimentation.

Become a storyteller and creative maker.

Break out of comfort zone. Develop happy accident innovation.

Find a safe space to expand imagination as a creative tool.

Immerse in nature as a creative rejuvenation.

Studies show one retains more during active immersive
experiences that also emphasize play and humor.

Disconnect to reconnect. Develop bonds necessary for team unity and growth.

Improve listening and management skills through role-play.

Create trust and deeper connections of respect with
colleagues without the use of cell phones and social media.

Immerse in nature for an authentic and intentional push out of your comfort zone.




Build empathy in the creative process thru hyperbole.

Let the imagination wander to develop prototype, blue sky thinking leads to creative innovation.

Build bonds and learn how to work within a team while role-playing and brainstorming.

Develop a voice within a team, learn to listen and not drown.

Active learning creates indellible experiential muscle memory.

There’s nothing more inspiring for the creative spirit than a
dislocation of place to the extreme.

Intentional activities that spark discovery and being present in the moment to recognize happy accidents.

Challenge one’s comfort level and navigation skills in unfamiliar space with an expert creative and travel guide.

Become a wonder wanderer with projects and prompts emphasizing experience in place with different perspectives.

Explode your world view to the XXL by immersing in firsthand time travel with emphasis in creative arts, architecture, culture, etc.

Transform into a time traveler and reinvigorate your sense and sensibility while you get lost and find joy.

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