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channel your inner child
Nature Immersion Glamp Adventure


creativity summer camp

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Unleash your inner creative monster....

Enjoy nature on our 17 acre camp farm stay...

Draw, collage, tie or dye, tell a story....

Forage, observe, smell, taste, make & play...
Enjoy small group social in-person interactions...

Disconnect to reconnect.....

'cause it's all about living a creative life....

when adulting gets rough
you deserve a break
+ starry skies
+ campfire memories


disconnect to reconnect

Are you yearning to escape if only for a few days?
Are you questioning your life path and pace?
Are you craving some time to connect to the earth?
Are you yearning to disconnect from fast-paced society in order to reconnect yourself to the earth's bounty and lessons?
Are you savoring an opportunity to craft?
Want to learn new handmade skills?
Are you hungry for foraging, discovering,
and engagement?
Who says kids get to have all the fun in the summer? 


Creativity Summer Camp is a great opportunity to spend some time for yourself nurturing the human spirit; connecting to the earth, yourself and others; and enjoying a glamping, long summer weekend as a disconnection from hectic regular life to a magical memory-filled nature escape.



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Create art and traditional craft using natural objects that you forage on the land.



Camp starts with a guided Forest Walk experience to engage all of your senses.



Discover more about edible flowers, foraged items, gardening, and eating healthy.

nature + lemon lodge

Don't let the word CAMP fool you. This retreat experience includes cozy, yet rustic accommodations in our Lemon Lodge (an updated 1930s bungalow country house). Join a max of 7 participants in the co-ed accommodations with creative interior space plus all the perks like inside bathrooms. We'll cook our food in the kitchen, and spend quality time inside and outside.


Our 17 acres is split into two with 5 acres featuring the donkey land, bamboo grove, pond, garden, peafowl aviary, chicken zone, and art studios with possibility of artists or writers in residence on site. The 12 acres is a blend between untamed Tennessee wonderland and a careful effort to allow for natural wildflowers and habitat featuring about 400 feet of Buffalo river frontage. We'll start the camp experience with a gentle forest walk with your certified guide and host.
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A highlight of camp is spending time with the donkey crew - Pepper Patrol.



Your camp memories will be forged in a home away from home environment.



 The refreshing water of the Buffalo, the sounds of birds and sights of fireflies are just a few of what you'll find.

forest therapy guided walk

What is Forest Therapy?
This guided nature immersion walk is inspired by "Forest Bathing" or "shinrin-yoku" developed in Japan in the 80s when the government recognized an increase in health problems brought about by the intensity and demands of the massive shift into an urban work environment. They conducted much research and through focus groups found significant benefits when spending time in forests and natural surroundings. They discovered that trees emit Phytonocides which benefit humans by increasing NK cells. It makes sense to realize that humans are not intended to live in so much constructed environments with artificial lighting and that being in nature is extremely beneficial.


What does this mean? What does this look like? How does this work? Your host Val is a certified guide and the Forest is the therapist. Each experience is unique to the individual. This is a slow walk without internet distractions where you will be given invitations that emphasizes sensory interaction with the surroundings. When would you have time to gaze at plants or insects, make a slow wander with no destination in mind, and stop in adoration of colors or more? The walk is gentle and takes approximately 2.5 - 3.5 hrs. This will be your introduction to the land and the camp experience. P.S. Located in the rural rolling foothills of Appalachia in a part of Tennessee called the Western Highland Rim, the camp is about 20 minute drive to the small town of Hohenwald - German for "High Forest".

eco-friendly & sustainability



Learn about what you may already have around you that is edible. Learn about improving your health with organic, non-gmo, and non-processed food.



Fall in love with chickens and learn how you can shift from Mass-Ag production chain to local sourcing including your own backyard.

Organic Compost


Learn about composting and the general waste impact on the land. Use upcycled materials in projects. Discover ways to reduce your personal environmental footprint.

itinerary highlights


1 - 5, 2022

Highlights include:
natural dye fabric, pressing/preserving flowers, 
soy candles


6 - 10, 2022
(winter in summer) WONDERLAND

Highlights include:
upcycling jar into snow globe, potato stamp wrapping paper, 
handmade cards


10 - 14, 2022

Highlights include:
wrapping rocks,
making smudge sticks, 
bamboo craft



This workshop features a traditional photographic process of using the sun to expose chemically treated paper to make a print from natural objects that block out the sun causing white spaces when 'developed' by placing the paper in water to stop the exposure.
This workshop requires the sun, but for unexpected inclement weather we can still create these inside with longer exposure time.
Experiment with composition and objects you find outside.



Sketching Artist


This workshop features connectivity with the spiritual/emotional self and art-making. All skill levels including novice will enjoy this process of  groundedness allowing the creative process to be a space to store feelings. We'll start with guided breath work, restorative mediation, automatic writing, and other gentle practices that help tune in the mind to the body. The second half of the three hours will be spent creating in reflection of the experience. A follow-up session the next day for feedback and finishing.


want a longer stay and to work with clay?

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Is one of your biggest take-aways from the pandemic that we all have more value than working to the bone, burning the candle at both ends?


Don't forget to get your swag.


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  • Creativy Camp - JUNE
    Wed, Jun 01
    599 Gaither Hinson Rd, Waynesboro, TN 38485, USA
    Jun 01, 2022, 5:30 PM CDT – Jun 05, 2022, 11:00 AM CDT
    599 Gaither Hinson Rd, Waynesboro, TN 38485, USA
    Enjoy a summer camp experience for adults with the theme of Botanicals.
  • Creativy Camp - JULY
    Wed, Jul 06
    599 Gaither Hinson Rd, Waynesboro, TN 38485, USA
    Jul 06, 2022, 5:30 PM CDT – Jul 10, 2022, 11:00 AM CDT
    599 Gaither Hinson Rd, Waynesboro, TN 38485, USA
    Enjoy a summer camp experience for adults with the theme of winter in summer Wonderland.
  • Creativy Camp - AUGUST
    Wed, Aug 10
    599 Gaither Hinson Rd, Waynesboro, TN 38485, USA
    Aug 10, 2022, 5:30 PM CDT – Aug 14, 2022, 11:00 AM CDT
    599 Gaither Hinson Rd, Waynesboro, TN 38485, USA
    Enjoy a summer camp experience for adults with the theme of knots.

Q & A


This is a general outline of the exciting summer camp activities. Time at the camp is a bit squishy and although we like to make sure we are 'on time' with things, we also believe in embracing the -ish so that everyone is immersing in the camp benefits rather than stressing out about a clock.

evening: Arrival. Tour and meet the donkeys. Group Dinner. Campfire and Get to Know You activities THURSDAY --- morning: Forest Therapy Walk lunch break and free time afternoon: Activity 1 evening: group dinner and social/free time FRIDAY --- morning: Meditation and Connectivity + Art Workshop lunch break and free time afternoon: Activity 2 evening: group dinner and social/free time SATURDAY --- morning: Cyanotype Workshop lunch break and free time afternoon: Activity 3 + check back in on Art Project Progress evening: group dinner and final campfire SUNDAY --- morning: Group breakfast before departure


Transportation is not included in the program fee. If flying, choose Nashville International Airport - BNA, which is approximately 1 hour 50 minute drive. If enough participants are flying, we will help coordinate your transportation for the extra shared fee. * Please arrive at the camp by 5:30pm so arrival at airport by 3pm should be good. If driving, there is ample parking on site. Please make a note of this option in your registration so that we can provide good directions or landmarks to help you navigate the GPS.


Food is included in the program fee.

We will be active participants in the meals as part of the camp experience.
All restrictions, allergies, and dietary preferences will be accommodated. The menu will emphasize organic, non-gmo, no antibiotic, and locally produced if possible.

Camp interactions will include information to help you move away from processed foods and reliance on mass AG and convenience products to be able to live more healthy and sustainably. We'll learn a bit about compost and how much packaging can be wasted falling into landfills.

There will be no junk food including soda. If you don't think you can live without those, this may not be the best option for you. If you want to take a shot at trying new alternatives, then maybe you can take the leap. GENERAL MENU
Breakfasts Since many people have different breakfast habits, will have a variety of options available for you to choose similar to continental style. Lunch Will have light lunch items each day for the group to enjoy. This could range from salads, sandwiches (including GF), and summer themed light fare. Dinners Campy Family style dinners will be made with help from participants on a rotation (2 or 3 per night). The items may include stews, chilis, salads, and other options.

Will communicate with the participants within at least 30 days prior to the retreat to review possible menu items. This is a chance to share a favorite recipe or a chance to try one you've been eyeing.

--- Just like a girl scout summer camp, meals will be participatory and require everyone to wash their dishes and chip in with a variety of aspects of the meal preparation.


The Lemon Lodge technically can sleep up to 14. For the creativity summer camp, the max participation is limited to 7. This will be a 'co-ed' situation open to all. One room with full size bed is available for upgrade if you absolutely need a private space. The remainder of the beds are 2 people in an ensuite with a King and a Twin bed plus four people in the loft twin beds with enough room to spread out. Bed assignments are first come first serve upon arrival.


Bedding and a towel supplied. If you prefer your own pillow, blanket, etc. please bring. No shoes inside the lodge. Leave the outside outside and bring adequate footwear for lounging in the lodge like slippers or socks. No alcohol. This will be an alcohol free event. No smoking or vaping. No harassment, bullying, or other inappropriate conduct towards people, animals, or the natural environment. Please notify of any medical issues including medicine just so we are aware.

Participants must have their own insurance.

What about bugs. dirt, and heat out in nature?

Yes there are bugs out here in nature. We share the planet with all sorts of creatures. This is an opportunity to channel your inner child curiousity to learn about how to be a good caretaker of the land and be friends with the creatures we may or may not see.

Bring bug spray!

Yes there is dirt. Please bring clothes and shoes that can get dirty or muddy knowing that you won't be able to do laundry during your time. Connecting to the earth is something that is recommended for various facets of our mental and physical health.

Yes it can be hot in the summer. You may sweat. There are ways to cool off like taking a quick swim in the river or an extra shower before you go to bed. Channel your inner child and push through the discomfort to realize how our bodies work when we aren't forcing them to be in inefficient and unhealthy climate control including artificial lighting.

Yes there is a/c in the house, but it's not going to feel like walking into a freezer or big box store. If you need small fan to sleep you may want to bring your own. Think about innovative ways to cool off by wearing certain types of material, having wet cloth available, and hyrdating. No alcohol on site may also help with the heat.

Will make plans to be outside during certain times of the day when it will be less hot, less sticky, etc. as best possible.

Plan for dramatic summer storms followed by superb evening skies especially as the sun sets.


Interested in reserving your spot, but need a payment plan?

Book by the end of 2021 and be eligible for a 6 month payment option.
Those booked at any point in 2022 can choose a 2 or 3 month plan depending on the time between registration and program start date.

All payment plans will incur an additional processing fee of $30 divided by number of payments. Please remember that some of the registration fee is non-refundable.


You can choose to stay longer or arrive early and pay only for the lodging. If you arrive early, you'll get the benefit of choosing your bed first. This only includes the accommodations which means you'll need to bring and prepare your own food as well as making sure you keep the kitchen and common areas clean during your stay.

Please inquire about this option either in a message or during registration process.


Yes! That would be fantastic if you wanted to bring any musical instrument that you would like to use during social times including around the campfire.

This is a safe place. However, please note that any personal items are not the responsibility of the camp so you need to be mindful as to where you place the instrument and whom you allow to touch or use it.


There will be no additional time for kayaking on the Buffalo River during our program agenda. If you would like to stay longer by arriving early or departing late, then most definitely you can bring your kayak. There is an additional service fee for the shuttle to one of two drop-in spots. River activities are weather permitting.

Please do not bring your kayak or river gear unless you plan on staying at least one extra night.


We would love to coordinate a summer camp experience for your group. The Lemon Lodge technically sleeps up to 14. There is also much additional space for tent camping. Use the contact form to start the conversation.

We can be hands-off on your agenda allowing you to coordinate all of your own details even if it's just a casual gathering. We can also offer a variety of services for your agenda from our Forest Walk to any of our art or craft workshops.

If you are interested in river activities, this is a great place to bring your group. We are not an outfitter and although we have a few kayaks for rent if you don't have enough, we primarily only offer shuttle services. All groups must sign a liability waiver and understand that all activities on the river are at your own risk.

Food for your group will either be on your own or a combination of assistance of purchasing or preparation. We prefer that you do not bring junk food or excessive alcohol. Please note that all organic waste will be composted. We also must take our own trash to the landfill so please be mindful of packaging and other types of waste that will make our run more of an effort. You can also donate cleaned out glass containers or heavy plastic containers to our upcycling object pile.



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