Whether you are a novice in graphic design or lost your creative focus on your current life journey or a seasoned designer in need of a refreshing rejuvenation, these workshops are just up your alley. Send an inquiry to book a workshop if one is not currently schedule or choose an independent coaching session that can be accomplished on your own or at the camp in Tennessee.

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These sessions are great for team building in your corporate or non-profit environment and a reboot for an in-house individual or group.
Part of a design club at your college or university? Design Educator looking for professional development? Graphic Design grad student needing a bit more time and other perspective on your work? Or want to go to grad school but it's too damn expensive? These workshops are for you!
Send Val a message to coordinate your group workshop or have her come to your office or University for a version of any of the workshops listed below.
Like summer camp, but for adults. But summer camp can happen any time of year - maybe you prefer winter with the fireplaces to warm you up.
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Feeling the need to get yourself, your kids, your squad, your troop, your team OFF THE GRID? Commune with nature to practice tech disconnect? Schedule a weekend workshop that can be customized based on your goals. Say goodbye to the hectic pace of cars and traffic, and hello to the rural country life for a couple of days in a safe hosted space. Give the kids a chance to interact with chickens and pick up the eggs they laid in the morning or see our donkeys up close and personal. Schedule a 'forest bathing' tour of the 17 acre property that also has a trail from the bluff to the river bed and a lovely swimming hole spot on the Buffalo River. What's 'forest bathing'? This is a Japanese activity where you spend time with a guide in nature to observe the nuances of the earth surroundings. Schedule a tinkering activity like building a birdhouse, painting a birdhouse, or make a bamboo fishing pole. Arts or craft projects include collage, photography, basic design or drawing, origami and pottery (available in 2019). Make a tin can camp stove or learn to build a fire for evening campfire circle. Learn how to pitch a tent or tie knots for the next time you want to go all in on camp instead of glamp. Yoga sessions or cooking instruction available upon request. Ask about adding Adulting skills lessons like using a crock pot so you have a warm meal at the end of a long day or strategies to make washing dishes a daily meditation for creative thinking or basic sewing skills to get those buttons back on your shirt yourself instead of the hassle to hire out.

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Unleash your inner creative monster spirit. Give yourself the excuse to get lost, take chances, experiment, and explore during this session for the novice to the professional. Engaging in the structured activities will bring out the inner child and may give you a refreshing look at creative problem-solving, or you'll acquire some new skills using techniques learned in sketching, collage, and other hand crafts all as a basic graphic design and adventure investigation. This is a scaled weekend version of a larger course that teaches participants about graphic design basics, design thinking, design process, and/or human centered design thru a series of hand craft and active learning exercises. The broader course has an online component to learn about basic tools in the Adobe Creative Cloud along with coaching and fun projects. This is a great intro into the world of graphic design and creativity. Agenda may include storytelling, image-making, tinkering, and book-binding so you'll have something to take home with you.

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Need a break or an excuse to turn off the phone, but can only get away for a few days? Rejuvenate your spirit by getting back to basics, back to craft, back to nature during a brief weekend retreat. In a summer camp experience scheduled at any time of the year, your design coach will encourage you to wander and challenge your creative conventions. Guided exercises available for those who are experiencing creative block. Others welcome to dust off your unfinished work, break open your sketch book, sharpen your pencils or find other mediums. Meet new people or bring along a friend. Spend a day in the field, listening to the wind in the trees, watching the birds, walking down to the river for a kayak ride (seasonal), The evening will culminate in a group dinner, informal conversation and impromptu critique to show & tell of your workshop project.

For those interested in a guided project to rejuvenate, you will embark on a 24 hr documentary and pull it all together for a visual story, a design project, or a foundation for a future piece or series.

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Are you a crafter looking to implement basic graphic design into your projects? For example, learn how to create your own fabric using basic design skills, learning some software and all of the tools available that will print your design once you've completed it. Learn how to design your own patterns and illustrations for your scrapbooking projects. Interested in learning more about designing your own book using software and self-publishing tools available? Learn more about design principles to improve your layouts, design your own logo, or discover other types of craft to integrate into your quilting, scrapbooking like photo transfer and cyanotypes on paper or fabric or even collage.

This workshop is based on the skill level and interest of the participants. Schedule a weekend retreat for your craft group and we can coordinate the itinerary.

TASTE: A Culinary adventure in FOOD & Graphic Design
a delight for all senses and immersion in making
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Food is central to sustenance and culture. This session brings food lovers of all kinds together for an exploration that will have you wandering and wondering. Val will offer guided sessions as the group progresses through examination of food and food culture. Some sessions may include a physical exploration of two very different Tennessee cities – Nashville and Memphis – with a home base at the camp to discuss and work on individual projects. Spontaneity and happy accidents encouraged in the discovery process that will be shared during the session.

Get dirty in the garden or in the kitchen as we cook our evening meals together and even have one night as a cooking class. Whether you are a novice or expert in graphic design, or you are a photographer or writer or other creative interested in blending your talents with learning about authorship and self-authoring tools this workshop is up your alley, it's possible it could be a food truck alley at least once.

Graphic Design Bootcamp
for creative teens alternative college prep (or why not to go to college)
#adultcamp options will be scheduled in 2019 based on demand
Ask about private coach sessions, coordinating your scout, school, or office team


Celebrate creativity! In a structured safe environment, creative teens will have the opportunity and be encouraged by a design coach camp counselor to explore, make discoveries, and recognize happy accidents in their creative process with the end goal of beginning to develop a portfolio for future college applications - from a professor's perspective.


Don't expect to sit all day inside tied to your technology. This week will be filled with fun activities you won't even realize the time has passed. Mentorship opportunity to continue working through the school year can be discussed on an individual basis. Ideally suited for ages 14-17. #adultcamp options for 18+

TIME TRAVELER | Graphic Design History and Storytelling
includes A flea market and thrift adventure in Nashville when possible
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Curious about the history of graphic design? Need a refresher for inspiration in the new year? Love scavenger hunts, flea markets, thrift stores and old objects? Objects have a history and a story. The history of design is intimately connected to social, economic, and cultural shifts. If you are a novice, a creative professional or a design educator then join in for a short weekend to explore and discuss.

Based on the background and interest of the participants this small weekend workshop will be crafted to engage. There are numerous thrift, antique, auction, and flea markets in this region. The largest one is at the Nashville Fairgrounds on the 3rd weekend of each month.

Build an adventurous spirit that can lead into your daily life. You'll walk away from this workshop with a book object you've made based on the objects of your discovery. You'll explore digital photography and classic cyanotype, drawing and writing, and bookbinding. Options to tinker and make sculptures, trinkets, birdhouses, ornaments, or other 3D forms.

RESOLUTIONS: reboot.reignite.reinvigorate.rejoice
Ring in the new year or any time we need reflection


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Is there something creative you have put aside that you are yearning to accomplish? A novel you want to finish reading, a craft you've been trying to carve out time to practice like crochet or knitting, updating your personal website, journaling or writing that short story or novel, learning more about film and video editing, or even trying new recipes to change your eating habits in the new year?


When possible this will be scheduled around New Year's eve. What better way to ring in the new year with a quiet yet powerful winter week in the countryside with the fires burning not only in the fireplaces but inside each person that decides to join in this retreat for individual pursuits. This is an unstructured session that offers you the space and time you desire to pick up a creative project. Count on building camaraderie, healthy food, connecting with each other and disconnecting from technology to focus on your own reboot. Coaching or add-on small workshops optional.

BOOKS: the life and love of...
for the Book lover, an inside look at the life of books
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It's all about books! Books about books, discussions about the history of books, and craft activities related to books including bookbinding and image-making (cyanotypes, drawings, collage). Consider it an expanded book reading group discussion as you will receive a reading list of materials to prepare for the reading discussions. Two films may be included in the session that relate to books in unique ways.

This is a compressed weekend version of a semester long course developed by Val Sloan as a seminar for graduating seniors of all backgrounds. It's designed for people who are interested in learning more about books or sharing their passion for books with others of the same passion.

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