a creative retreaT
all things Food:
from Garden to Table,
from Pottery to Found Object,

from Writing to Visual Narrative,
from Craft and Drawing to Graphic Design,
to Nourishment of the Belly, Heart and Mind

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for earth day 2022

APRIL 17 - 24

max 7 participants for this session.

Limited to 10 participants per session
family units welcome, ages 11+

It's all about the TASTE!


Find inspiration and nourishment – literally and metaphorically – as we explore food and general sustenance of a rural landscape.

Start your creative retreat on your first full day with a sensory immersion into that landscape with a guided Forest Therapy walk. This will start you to go slow for the week.


All things related to food include gardening and cooking so be prepared to get hands dirty in the garden or in the process of cooking.

We'll consider food in terms of vessels as we create pottery and explore the Nashville monthly flea market for amazing upcycle thrift objects for personal use or to integrate into an experimental project.

Engage in wonder and wandering in social time or off on your own. The entire week's session is customized and guided for your connection to craft and creativity.

During your off the grid, low tech experience you can meet and interact with the chickens, donkeys, peacocks, rabbits, cats, and a 3 legged Pyrenees.

Prior experience in cooking, pottery, design, photography, writing, gardening, exploring, or even wandering NOT REQUIRED, but please mention on the registration.

This is truly an adult camp experience as each participant will be signing up for various camp duties to get a feel for the rural farm and camp life just like you might in Girl Scouts. Each morning and evening will have 2 helpers to handle the animal routine so you'll have a chance to interact in a unique way. Other chores on a kaper chart may include washing dishes, prep food, etc. all being part of the experience with Val as your coach who was once a girl scout leader. You'll sign up for these on day 1.

Want to experience this with someone close to your heart? Please ask about the cost for sharing a room.


Bring your own supplies: sketchbook, drawing implements, digital camera. Fee includes clay for the pottery workshop.

APRIL 14 - 22, 2022
This itinerary can be customized for your group from 3 to 7 days. Please inquire.
some will be prepared by and for the group,
others will be continental
with the exception of any day road trips



ARRIVAL MEET & GREET. social time to discuss background and goals. Evening dinner and outside movie (weather permitting)


On our first evening we will talk about the meal plans and sharing for the week. Cooking is integrated into the entire retreat in some way. At the heart of any gathering, the table is the place to convene for social and physical nourishment. But the kitchen is where the process takes place. If you are a novice, then these prep sessions will be cooking primer. If you have more experience, perhaps you'll still learn something new or be able to lend a hand in any of the tasks. Don't worry you won't be tied to the stove. This will be a collaborative operation and tasks will be divided by a fair system and throwback to girl scout camp process of a kaper chart.


Day one (M) - We will start the retreat with a group breakfast of farm fresh eggs and journey into the ecology for a nature immersion forest walk. This sensory experience will introduce you to the land and encourage you to move into a slower pace for the retreat. You'll have time for an afternoon break before our group dinner and pottery introduction.


Day two (TU) - Whether you are a novice or not, get your hands dirty in clay as you work to create vessels and containers or other objects you can craft. We will start early in the retreat with an overview of the materials and best practices. Small groups of 2-4 will work on a rotation to create. The time span will allow for making, drying, greenware prep, first firing, glazing, and final firing.


Day three (W) - Are you yearning to get your hands dirty in a garden yet lack the space or time in your normal life? That's the exciting part of this retreat in that you can smell the fresh air and earth daily while interacting with plants in harvesting or seedling. Find out about Val's successes and failures in this upstart raised bed and beginning stages of permaculture. Learn about the cycles of life and composting. Integrate any of the crops into our meals. This part of the retreat may be spread out over a series of days so you'll have multiple chances.

We will introduce prompts and sketching on Day three so you can bounce between getting dirty in the garden or in the clay studio and time for yourself in walks or resting or interacting with the donkeys and other camp animals.


Day four (TH) - Whether you are a novice or looking for a way to boost your creative energy, this part of the retreat workshop will have you exploring food in a variety of aesthetic options. From drawing to collage to photography as image-making, you will then decide which graphic design direction to take 1) visual narrative resulting in a final book artifact or 2) branding project related to food (conceptualization, logo design, 3D objects in packaging or vehicle, menu and other aspects of a campaign). This is an optional direction or you may choose to write, doodle, etc.


Day five (F) - Celebrate Earth Day with a day trip to Nashville for an exploration of an amazing once a month flea market with vendors from all over! Channel your wonder wandering spirit on this day trip adventure into nooks and crannies of a monthly market with vendors from various parts of the country. Look for inspiration and objects to draw/photograph or integrate into a creative project whether it be upcycling a 3D sculpture as the topic of your story. Collect objects or photograph/draw for the next day project. *expenditures for cool finds and food not included.


Day six (SA) - Bring your personal retreat recipe to final fruition. Today is the day to experiment and add the dash of spice you need. Glaze your pottery, finish any drawings and use the next 24 hours to create a dynamic project. This can range from a series of drawings or images that are turned into a narrative story, use the camp tools to create a sculpture, or anything else you may be inspired to do such as package design that may include one-on-one coaching.


Day seven (SU) - We will have our final group breakfast and you are welcome to linger, go for another walk or collect your belongings as you head back home in a more timely manner.

RETREAT FEE - includes lodging, meals, guided experiences with instruction/demo/critique. price in USD

Price for one occupant. (please inquire if you want to bring a friend and share the room)

Ensuites (Queen or King) (3)- 1550

Full or Single - shared bath (3) - 1400

Overflow or Budget - dorm (2 beds limit) - 1300


from colors and textures

to healthy options

to ingredients in recipes vs packaged goods

to movies and books about food

to routines and special occasions that create lasting memories.




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