an annual creative retreaT
all things Food:
from Garden to Table,
from Pottery to Found Object,

from Writing to Visual Narrative,
from Craft and Drawing to Graphic Design,
to Nourishment of the Belly, Heart and Mind

2021:May 21 - 31

Limited to 10 participants per session
family units welcome, ages 11+

These dates don't work for you or you want to schedule this for your own group, troop, club, friends?
It's all about the TASTE!


Find inspiration and nourishment – literally and metaphorically – as we explore food.


From garden to table with this immersion in the farm environment, you'll participate in the spring harvest of winter garlic crop and possibly summer seedling prep, in the gathering of eggs and prep for meals, and even in the cooking whether you are a novice (this serves as instructional workshop) or an expert that wants to share your favorite technique.

We'll create craft and design from pottery to packaging and other food brand concepts. Reboot your creative juices with a fun project that will incorporate brainstorming, sketching, hand lettering and other d.i.y. image-making.

We'll spend a day adventuring in Nashville's monthly flea market with more than 500 vendors to gather inspiration and collect food related items for 2D or 3D projects or to add to your collection - from mason jars, to utensils, to cast iron or maybe you want to find unique salt and pepper shakers or a pie tin or cake plate or a set of pyrex.

While wonder wandering, we'll hit up a food truck and additional vintage shops to collect objects, photographs, drawings, and inspiration for a 24 hr creative project from sculpture tinkering to design authorship to food branding.

During your off the grid, low tech experience you can meet and interact with the chickens, donkeys, peacocks, rabbits, cats, and a 3 legged Pyrenees.


Wandering on the 17 acre camp with a road from the bluff down to the Buffalo River is highly encouraged.

Limited to 14 participants. This is not a giant conference but a chance to create, commune, cook, explore, and slow down in rural Tennessee.

Prior experience in cooking, pottery, design, photography, writing, gardening, exploring, or even wandering NOT REQUIRED, but please mention on the registration.

Each participant will be signing up for various camp duties to get a feel for the rural farm and camp life. Each morning and evening will have 2 helpers to handle the animal routine so you'll have a chance to interact in a unique way. Other chores on a kaper chart may include washing dishes, prep food, etc. all being part of the experience with Val as your coach who was once a girl scout leader. You'll sign up for these on day 1.

Want to experience this with someone close to your heart? Make sure to ask for the additional family member discount for ages 11 to the young at heart.


Bring your own supplies: sketchbook, drawing implements, digital camera. Laptop optional - a mac computer, scanner and inkjet printer are available. Fee includes clay for the pottery workshop.

formal details will be provided closer to the date to registrants
some will be prepared by and for the group,
others will be continental
with the exception of any day road trips



ARRIVAL MEET & GREET. social time to discuss background and goals



Channel your wonder wandering spirit on this day trip adventure into nooks nd crannies of a monthly market with vendors from various parts of the country. Look for inspiration and objects to draw/photograph or integrate into a creative project whether it be upcycling a 3D sculpture as the topic of your story.

Photography and Drawing exercise, Designer as Author visual narrative and branding exercises. *expenditures for cool finds and food not included.


Are you yearning to get your hands dirty in a garden yet lack the space or time in your normal life? That's the exciting part of this retreat in that you can smell the fresh air and earth daily while interacting with plants in harvesting and seedling. Find out about Val's successes and failures in this upstart raised bed and beginning stages of permaculture. Learn about the cycles of life and composting. Integrate any of the crops into our meals.  This part of the retreat may be spread out over a series of days so you'll have multiple chances.


Whether you are a novice or not, get your hands dirty in clay as you work to create vessels and containers or other objects you can craft. We will start early in the retreat with an overview of the materials and best practices. Small groups of 2-4 will work on a rotation to create. The timespan will allow for making, drying, greenware prep, first firing, glazing, and final firing.


Whether you are a novice or looking for a way to boost your creative energy, this part of the retreat workshop will have you exploring food in a variety of aesthetic options. From drawing to collage to photography as image-making, you will then decide which graphic design direction to take 1) visual narrative resulting in a final book artifact or 2) branding project related to food (conceptualization, logo design, 3D objects in packaging or vehicle, menu and other aspects of a campaign).


At the heart of any gathering, the table is the place to convene for social and physical nourishment. But the kitchen is where the process takes place. If you are a novice, then these prep sessions will be cooking primer. If you have more experience, perhaps you'll still learn something new or be able to lend a hand in any of the tasks. Don't worry you won't be tied to the stove. This will be a collaborative operation and tasks will be divided by a fair and throwback to girl scout camp process of a kaper chart.

from colors and textures

to healthy options

to ingredients in recipes vs packaged goods

to movies and books about food

to routines and special occasions that create lasting memories.

I'm in!
early bird by February 20 - $1199

after February 20 until event - $1499 


LODGING – 10 nights. The residential facilities at Camp Wonder Wander are comfortable and cozy designed for multiple functions from workshops to group meals cooking together to huddling around the campfire or wood stove. If you wish to guarantee a private room, please contact for the upgrade rate.


FOOD – 3 meals at the camp per day not including any day trip excursions such as stops at a Food truck. This includes arrival group casual dinner and continental breakfast on the final day. We will cook and clean together based on a kaper chart (like in Girl Scouts). Some meals will be more continental style or informal schedule. Camp Wonder Wander's goal is to provide healthy meals using organic and local options as much as possible catering to all types of nutritional plans such as gluten free, paleo, pescatarian, vegetarian, vegan. If you aren't following a special diet you won't feel left out here. Special consideration will be given to food allergies or other food plans - please comment on this in your registration or send an email.No Junk food.


INSTRUCTION – program fee includes instruction and coordination of all activities/workshops as well as supplies for clay and other art or crafts for demonstrations.


TRANSPORTATION – at least one day trip to Nashville




Transportation – to and from the camp for arrival and departure is not included in the program fee. Nashville pick up and/or drop off arrangements can me made for a minimal fee. Departure from camp must be after activities conclude for a ride share. Please make note of this in your registration for coordination.


Food – on the days we are exploring Nashville you are responsible for your own meals.


Thrift/Vintage/Antique purchases – anything you decide to purchase is on your own budget. Can assist in coordinating shipping any items if necessary.



Camp Wonder Wander engages people in wonderlost + wanderlust. Sessions are  designed for everyone to be creative. If you are interested in meeting and communing with new people, getting back to basics and rejuvenating your creative spirit, or just want the chance to turn off the phone to explore a new place and make a project or more that has no clients involved. From the novice to the seasoned professional, the small size of the workshop allows for individualized coaching, instruction, critiquing when necessary. If you are interested in bringing a family member minimum age is 11 and maximum age is only limited to mobility - all are welcome.


No cancellation within 30 days, but may receive a credit of 75% payment towards future workshop. Cancellation prior to the 30 day window will incur a service fee of 20% of the registration.




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