ESCAPE THE HUBBUB & CHAOS OF OTHER NEW YEAR'S EVENTS. VISIT THE WANDERFUL FARM FOR A QUIET GETAWAY. Don't need to stay up late because good sleep is encouraged and after all the festivities start early on the other side of the globe.

This is an unstructured setting with the only requirement that each person brings along whatever it is creatively that has been shelved, out of sight out of mind but is tugging at your heartstrings for the focus time to pick it up again. It could be as simple as a book you want to finish reading or a craft you want to learn or practice. If you insist on bringing your laptop to work on your personal website or focus on learning that pesky software you just can't find the time in your schedule that use of technology won't be frowned upon. If you need some coaching in editing software or using InDesign or other products, then please make note of that in your registration. When registering please share what your creative project will be.

2019 has been a momentous year for Val as the founder of Camp Wonder Wander as she walked away from a 20+ year career as a graphic design professor in summer of 2018 to pursue this rural life. One of her main motivations in this retreat center is to nurture her own path as a creative person getting lost and found on a regular basis by surrounding herself with interesting people who are pursuing interesting, creative, exciting, and innovative endeavors. What better time than to make some resolutions as individuals coming together at a time when introspection is at a pinnacle – the transition to a new year. The desire for this session is to open up the camp for individuals to come together for individual purposes that are nurtured through the camaraderie that's gained in a group setting in full retreat mode.

Val wants to bring in the new year of 2020 with a quiet, yet powerful winter weekend in the countryside with the fires burning not only in the fireplaces, but inside each person that decides to join in this retreat for individual pursuits. She's had enough fireworks for a lifetime (lived near and also worked at Disney World), but that doesn't mean we can't have an alternative celebration or spontaneous metaphorical dance party if the mood hits us. Remember that this is an unstructured session that offers you the space and time you desire to pick up a creative project and it's on your own schedule if you need to sleep in, take a nap, go for long walks, but hope is that everyone will come together each night for a group meal. Whatever your individual goal you can count on building camaraderie, healthy food, connecting with each other and disconnecting from technology to focus on your own reboot. Take the chance to reignite, reinvigorate, and rejoice!


Lodging – at Camp Wonder Wander is included in the fee. Maximum attendance is 10, so depending on how many people register you may end up with a private room. Mother/daughters welcome and we'll figure out the pajama party for the girls.


Food – meals are included in the fee, and it is expected that each participant will assist in at least one group meal (prep, cooking, and/or cleanup). Every attempt to have healthy food on hand that is organic and local as much as possible. The meals will also cater to various types of diets and be focused on healthy and scrumptious. Lunch options will be provided, but you make your own at your chosen time. We'll set a time for group meals including a feast to celebrate New Year's eve a few weeks late. Special consideration will be given to food allergies or other food plans - please comment on this in your registration or send a separate note. 


Coaching/Instruction – is not included as this is an unstructured retreat. However, if you are looking for assistance in computer software instruction, coaching on creativity or design projects, sessions can be arranged privately.


Transportation – is not included. If you plan on arriving by plane and need to coordinate a ride with either other participants or arrange for a pick up please send a message. A small additional fee for airport pick-up/drop-off.

Art Materials/Supplies – is not included. Please bring your own items needed for your projects. There are some basic hand tools available and lots of tables and spaces to spread out.

POTTERY STUDIO ! – is not included. for an additional $50 you may use the pottery studio equipment including the kilns.

– Want to make this a longer retreat? Would love to host you. Food would not be included but the kitchen is accessible for your needs. Lodging additional $40/night per person.




Anyone who is looking for an alternative vacation that emphasizes a quiet retreat to focus on something creative. Please note: There may be artists, writers or others participating in the residency program with the possibility to intermingle in social setting.



Hoping you don't cancel. Please give ample notice in case there's a waiting list. If something happens up to a week prior to arrival an 60% refund will be offered or you may opt for a certificate towards a future workshop, coaching sessions, or retreat.



inc. tax

Dec 29 - Jan 1
Max participation = 10
This is an unstructured retreat vacation setting for individuals to focus on their own creative endeavors. Please arrive between 4 and 8pm on the evening of the 29th. You may want to arrive earlier if you don't want to arrive in the dark. Depart any time on the 1st. Extend your stay early or late for additional nightly rate of $35, not including food. Coaching or add-on workshops available for extra fee.
When you register, please share what you will be working on in the comment section. And also include any dietary needs, restrictions, etc.


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