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Curious about the history of graphic design? Need a refresher for inspiration in the new year? Love scavenger hunts, flea markets, thrift stores and old objects? Objects have a history and a story. The history of design is intimately connected to social, economic, and cultural shifts. If you are a novice, a creative professional or a design educator then join in for a short weekend to explore and discuss.

Based on the background and interest of the participants this small weekend workshop will be crafted to engage. So leave the Christmas holiday behind (if you celebrate it) and start off with a boxing day adventure to discover old objects looking for new life.


If you are an educator and either don't have the opportunity for a design history course in your curriculum or looking for a fresh approach to teaching the class, then this session is up your alley. Val will share her refined methods from teaching this course to majors and non-majors at least 15 times in a row to inject your teaching of Design History with fresh approach that is exciting and lively to conduct and engages students to participate in their learning and discovery of the relationship of design with culture & society. Transform the methodology and manner of course material delivery that provides a framework lens for students to examine the content and engage in critical thinking with stronger buy-in. We acknowledge that educators often teach how they were taught, but Val Sloan, the workshop facilitator/presenter, has moved from professor to coach and has refined her course over 13+ semesters. She has moved from the standard lecture approach that can be characterized as boring or complacent to one that requires and supports active engagement which has resulted in the classroom instruction being more joyous than arduous, therefore rewarding. Val is eager to share her best practices for not only a dedicated Design History course, but assignments that integrate this material in studio courses, and to provide this forum for sharing or developing new ideas.



Lodging and food at camp.






Studies show that retention is better when one takes notes by hand rather than on a laptop. Feel free to bring your laptop, but a notebook and digital camera would suffice.



Cancelling with 15 days receive 80% of program fee.


Please note that there will be 2 dogs present if there are any allergies or concerns in that regard. Valerie's dogs travel with her as much as possible and are in their golden years at ages 13 and 10.


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