GENERAL OVERVIEW: Capturing the youthful spirit of wonder, imagination, exploration, adventure, and simply getting lost – in thought, in nature, in conversations – is the primary objective of these immersive workshops. GET LOST / FIND JOY.

Unlike most professional development and continuing education opportunities, these workshops will be limited in the number of participants to ensure a rewarding experience in learning, productivity, and connection with others from discussions in the round, conversations at the dining table, or stories around the campfire. Workshops lasting typically from 3 – 7 days include, but are not limited to, basic graphic design; typography; graphic design history; crafts and craft of design such as collage, sketching, bookbinding; as well as teaching design principles and new methods to discover one’s creative monster to incorporate into a daily practice. Future workshop offerings conducted during a day or single overnight stay will focus on craft activities, creativity exercises, and may include cooking classes, yoga, book group discussions.


For students currently enrolled in graphic design education across the country, consider a summer or winter residential camp opportunity instead of a study abroad. You can supplement your current plan of study by taking classes on the history of graphic design, or join a portfolio development workshop.


Graphic Design Bootcamps are available in the summer for teens interested in developing a portfolio application or you can opt for individualized coaching sessions. Ultimately, summer day and residential camps will be expanded for youth to explore in a safe environment away from smart phones and connecting with others through creativity exercises and other activities.
For more information on educational programming and residencies, visit www.sarasvatidesigninstitute.org

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